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Paige Swanson

Paige Swanson, MA, LPC-A, NCC believes that we all have a distinct ability for growth and healing. The power of the therapeutic alliance creates a space that is safe enough for you to grow. Her style is warm, attuned and relaxed. She uses an integrative approach to psychotherapy, drawing from neuroscience, health psychology, psychodynamic theory and mindfulness-based modalities. 

Paige Swanson offers psychotherapy for image confidence, career development and relationship satisfaction. She uses coaching skills to help those struggling with disordered eating and self-development post-trauma.

She also specializes in working in clinical trial research where she designs patient engagement strategies for sick populations to enable pharmaceutical companies to reach more diverse patient pools in drug manufacturing. She has worked in clinical trial research as both a Senior Patient Engagement Lead and an Associate Director in Business Development/ Corporate Strategy.

Evidence Based Process in a Sacred Place

When science and spirituality amalgamate

Paige Swanson utilizes an evidence-based process which is centered on cutting-edge research and health in psychotherapy. Utilizing research-backed methods, Paige Swanson, advocates for her clients accessibility to the best quality healthcare and is multiculturally informed.

Paige Swanson is currently offering in-person and virutal telehealth appointments.

Find the Perfect Therapeutic Style

Working with Paige Swanson will be tailored to the specific needs of your life circumstance. In Your 60 minute consultation appointment, Paige will meet with you to discuss your need preferences and plans for healing.

Getting a Feel for the Process

When meeting with Paige she works in a corporate setting with snacks, hot teas and an accommodating environment – that is suited towards helping you work towards your goals

Sliding Scale

Paige Swanson operates on a sliding scale and believes in providing affordable care with multiple options

Data-driven Progress

Paige Swanson uses analytics and measurement-based care incorporating research-based assessments to help customize your care and better track your progress.

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Healthcare Interior Design and Art Commissions

Design & Fine Art Work

Paige Swanson is inspired by the contextual spaces around her. She evokes periods of time in her designs, either through material items or through the intrapsychic spaces of stories humbly shared with her.

These tautologies lead Paige Swanson to venture her creative spirit towards bringing about life and transformation to the healthcare space by consulting on interior design and developing fine art pieces. She understands that the brand experience a patient receives is pivotal, through every touchpoint of the healthcare lifecycle. And wants to develop spaces that enrich and speak to enhancing the patients mood and outlook through colors, images and textures.

My Consultation Process:

  1. Paige will meet with you to inspect the specs of the space that you’re interested in commissioning a piece for. After that, she will take from the various different colors, textures and hues in the surrounding area and build a design to transform your living quarters.
  2. Soon after, she will put together a project scope, incorporating various different dimensions to scale and materials to offer multiple solutions for price ranges and client needs.
  3. Once an initial scope of work is developed she can begin production of your new art piece. All art pieces will be designed and tailored to your personal style and either be delivered personally in a custom built frame.

All My Life

$2500.00 – Updates on Purchasing Paintings Online will be Available Soon.

From the Therapist Vault

Why You Should Write Morning Intentions

Setting morning intentions is a great way to experience more balance in your life. Intention setting is the practice of applying principles of change with how you want to live, be and show up in the world.

Working with Paige

Paige has been a transformative part of my journey and growth as an individual. She is one of the only people who truly cares about me.

– client.

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