Why You Should Write Morning Intentions

Taking time everyday to write is an essential practice in developing yourself socially, emotionally and intellectually. Through acknowledging our deepest desires we’re able to establish intentional goal-setting that is paced through our very own personal development. Intention setting is the practice of applying principles of change with how you want to live, be and show up in the world — this being in your financial, spiritual or social world. Morning Intentions allows individuals to garner the space to discern our thoughts or reality.

Accomplishing Our Goals Takes Self-Awareness

The truth is, accomplishing our goals takes intense self-awareness. Why is this? The science of behavior change is posited in how our brain develops a relationship between thoughts and reality. If we live in a reality where our thoughts are consistently telling us, “we don’t have the ability to accomplish our goals or we will never be able to do something.” Then inherently those thoughts will modify our behaviors and create our reality. Our reality is essentially curated through our thought-processes. Morning intentions give us the ability to reset our primitive, mammalian brain system, which seeks to secure safety and survival above all else, and allows us to begin to dream beyond already pre-established narratives or experiences we’ve lived through. When we let our reality be controlled by our thoughts, we’re letting our brain rule our lives. Suppose you feel dissatisfied with your diet, you want to improve your health, starting with assessing your thoughts is key. The experience of setting intentions and thinking more positively, doesn’t mean you’ll never have a negative thought, it is just not about letting your thoughts become your reality.

Setting Intentions

Setting an intention can look a lot like setting small objectives or attainable goals. It also looks like finding ways to create more space for yourself emotionally. For instance, intentions can be a clear or specific wish, like “I want to live my life with less guilt” or “I want to accomplish this by the end of 2021.”

In setting the intention, write down the dream or goal as if it has already happened. Imagine the experience, sensation and visualize the goal as if you’ve already achieved it.

After that, writing down the experiences that are connected to the information.

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • How do you feel when you’re your happiest self?
  • What does finding true love look like?
  • How are you feeling when you’ve accomplished this goal?
  • How are you feeling when you aren’t accomplishing the goal?
  • What are you grateful for?

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