Paige Swanson

Paige Swanson, MA, completed her Masters in Applied Psychology from Northwestern University. She began her counseling journey during her undergraduate career, developing an all-women’s support group for females empowerment on campus, which was entitled Women In Leadership. She was then asked to be a presenter for GirlsInc! a charitable non-profit developed to support adolescent female development.

Currently, I am working as a coach and practice within those means. If you’re interested in working with me, while I am applying for licensure, please find me at

Paige Swanson has an understanding in health psychology concentrations, with past experience working in a variety of different treatment centers from acute care hospitals, outpatient substance abuse centers and eating disorder hospitals. She has worked in the following capacity:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Co-occurring Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders
  • Complex-trauma (PTSD)
  • Mood & Anxiety Disorders
  • Perinatal and Post-partum Depression
  • Maternal Wellness
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

While working for the government in court-appointed therapy, Paige gained experience in domestic violence cases, trauma and rape crisis. She has experience working in corporate America as a career coach for BetterUp.

She has experience working in research with multiple previous positions held. She has former experiencing working at Southern Methodist University, undergoing motivational interviewing techniques for women with Post-partum Depression. She also works in clinical health research for pharmaceutical companies designing and leading more diverse strategies to enhance participation of diverse patients in the healthcare/ clinical trial journey. She has held multiple positions in clinical trial research including senior lead patient engagement manager and associate director.

She incorporates mindfulness, cognitive therapy, narrative therapy and positive psychology to help individuals find balance, take back their lives and discover wellness.

Paige Swanson Interiors

Paige Swanson is inspired by the contextual spaces around her.

She evokes periods of time in her designs, either through the materialist world or through the intrapsychic spaces in which her clients paint for her through their stories.

She believes that healthcare settings, primarily outpatient care, should embody the healing process, there by tapping into unexplored passages of creativity and emotional depth are paramount in the individual’s environments.

These tautologies lead Paige Swanson to venture her creative spirit towards bringing about life and transformation to the healthcare space by consulting on interior and exterior design. She understands that the brand experience a patient receives is pivotal, through every touchpoint of the healthcare lifecycle. And wants to develop spaces that enrich and speak to enhancing the patients mood and outlook through colors, images and textures.

Paige Swanson Interiors

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