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Crime Victims Fund in Dallas Texas

Crime Victims Fund in Dallas, Texas

Sauna Therapy offers counseling services for those who have undergone a direct crime in the state of Texas and are receiving compensation from the District Attorneys Office. 

Program GOals

CVC was created in 1979 by the Texas Legislature. Managed by the Office of the Attorney General, CVC has two primary goals: Encourage greater victim participation in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals, and Reimburse innocent victims for certain costs related to the crime.

How it Works

How the CVC Program Works Victims of violent crime, their families, or others who have taken on crime-related costs on behalf of a victim, apply for compensation. CVC staff review the application and other information to ensure it meets eligibility criteria. CVC verifies a crime occurred and the crime was reported to law enforcement. CVC asks applicants to provide information about crime-related costs. CVC staff review information to see what crime-related costs can be paid according to program rules.

Types of Compensation

Two Types of Compensation There are two types of compensation: (1) Crime Victims’ Compensation and (2) Emergency Medical Care Compensation - Sexual Assault Exam. You can apply for either compensation with the same application. Learn more on our CVC Eligibility requirements page.

POst Traumatic Stress Disorder

Founder AND owner

Paige Swanson, LPC-A, NCC, MA

I completed my Masters in Applied Psychology from Northwestern University. I specialize in trauma therapy and hope to begin working with you on your journey through counseling. 

Types of Therapy in Dallas


Integrated Trauma Therapy

Integrated trauma therapy utilizes many different forms of therapeutic treatment to help you recover from trauma. 


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is centered around embracing your core functions and helping you reach your highest potential. 

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