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Payment Options

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Out of Network 

If my supervisor is not paneled with your insurance company thenn I would be considered an ‘out-of-network’ provider. This means that you will likely receive reimbursement for part of my services from your insurance company.


– $160 – 180 -60 minute session

– $100 45-50 minute sessions

– $200 90-minute session 

– $175 – 200 couples therapy 

Crime Victims Fund 

For more information on accessing out crime victims fund payment options, please click here for crime victims fund.


Paige Swanson is an out-of-network provider and can provide you with a superbill for services rendered. If you have out-of-network coverage, you can submit your superbill for reimbursement. It is highly encouraged that you call your insurance provider prior to the onset of treatment and ask the following question:

  • Does my policy cover psychotherapy and/or neurofeedback?

  • Does my plan include out-of-network providers?

  • Do I need to get prior authorization?

  • What percentage do I get reimbursed for psychological services including psychotherapy?

  • If I am not in-network for you, I do not bill your insurance company.

  • I ask you to pay my full fee directly on the day of service, and I will give you the paperwork (superbill) needed for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company

  • If I am not in-network for your insurance company, I suggest you ask your insurance company what you will be reimbursed by them. You can ask:

    • What percentage will I be reimbursed for psychological services from an “out-of network” provider who is an Associate Licensed Therapist in Texas?  Reimbursement is often about 50-85% of my fee.

    • The CPT code I use for 55-minute therapy sessions is 90837 and for 30-45 minutes of therapy, it’s 90832.

    • I do not bill insurance for couples therapy as the diagnostic code is not covered.


Payment for services is an important part of any professional relationship. I ask that you provide credit card information so that I can charge your co-pays or outstanding balance at each session. I accept all credit and HSA cards, but there is an additional 3% interest is charged to cover the credit card fee.

You will receive a monthly statement for any balance remaining on your account. If payment is not received in-full each month, you will be charged 10% interest on the remaining balance.

Cancellations and Missed Appointments

When you make an appointment with me, you are reserving that time for yourself. If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice (M-F), that gives me time to try to fill your space, and you will not be charged. You will not be charged if you are sick or if an urgent matters arises unexpectedly. However, if you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice or forget your appointment, you will be charged the appointment fee plus an additional $30 dollar late fee.

COVID-19 or Sick Policy 

Due to the turbulent nature of COVID-19, if you or therapist has been exposed to someone with COVID or is experiencing flu-like symptoms, as a policy, sessions will either be cancelled or held virtually and not in-person. 


How do I make a counseling appointment?

You can begin by viewing the SERVICES section of our website.  Each counselor has a profile that will tell you about the services and specialties they offer, as well as their training and experience.  To schedule your initial appointment, please contact the team member who you think will be the best fit for you.    They will guide you through the next steps.

How long are therapy appointments? 

The length of appointment may vary from counselor to counselor.  Generally sessions are 45-60, minutes long and some counselors offer extended sessions depending on your need and their style. Group therapy sessions are between 60 minutes and 90 minutes, depending on the group.

How long do I have to come?

It is hard to predict the exact length of time it will take for you to meet your goals. While brief therapy may be appropriate for some issues others may require more extensive therapy. Individual concerns are improved or resolved at different rates. During your initial appointment your counselor will work to understand your needs and concerns, and discuss recommendations regarding the frequency of sessions and appropriate approach for your situation.

How do I pay my counselor?
Available payment methods vary by therapist, ranging from affordable rates for self-pay to the ability to use both in and out-of-network benefits for your insurance plan. Payments for therapy range from 80 – 160 a session.

What does self-pay mean?
Some clients wish to pay for mental health services privately and choose to not utilize mental health benefits.  Private pay rates vary from counselor to counselor, based on their policies and experience.  Clients who wish to pay privately are welcome to discuss options and fees with their chosen therapist.

What do I need to know if I am considering using insurance?
When seeing a therapist who is on your insurance plan, that therapist may verify your coverage and benefits prior to beginning services and submit claims on your behalf.  You are also encouraged to be familiar with the coverage offered by your insurance plan.

To submit a mental health claim, we are required to provide a diagnosis and some information about the treatment you are receiving.

If you have and choose to access your out-of-network benefits, individual therapists can provide an itemized receipt for you to submit for possible reimbursement of these services.

I am interested in beginning counseling, what do I do next?
Please contact Paige Swanson, LPC-A, NCC supervised by Delisa Deutsch Perry, LPC-S  by email or phone to discuss the steps to initiating services. Each therapist responds to messages directly based on their independent scheduling and policies.

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